Win More With The Right PC Gaming Accessories

If you already have a history of playing video games or self-identify¬†as a gamer on your computer, then you probably already understand the importance of using the right PC gaming accessories. If you’re new to the world of PC gaming, then now is the perfect time to learn.

Choosing the right accessories will affect you on multiple levels. It can make your gameplay experience more comfortable, more enjoyable, and it will definitely improve your performance. Having buttons nearby means you can make moves faster. Having a headset means you can communicate with team members without wasting time typing.

Next we’ll take a look at the two most important accessories and how to choose the best.

The Ideal Gaming Mouse

One of the first gaming accessories you need to consider is your mouse. When it comes to choosing a gaming mouse, not only should you give thought to the traditional attributes like ergonomics and size, but you also have to take into consideration several other things. You should look at the number of buttons, their location, how quickly you can press them, the mouse sensor, and the mouse sensitivity.

It’s safe to say that no real gamers use the traditional two button or three button mouse. They might be acceptable if the most gaming you do is Minesweeper. However, once you start playing more complex games with skill bars and several possible actions, you need buttons to represent actions that aren’t stuck to the keyboard.

Finding a gaming mouse with the perfect number of buttons will depend heavily on what sort of games you prefer. If you play strategy or role-playing games, then the more buttons, the better. That’s because these games tend to have multiple skill bars where you can assign various actions, items, and skills. Hardcore RPG fans tend to use a gaming mouse with anywhere between ten and seventeen buttons on the sides.

One final thought to consider when choosing a gaming mouse is the sensor. You will need to choose between infrared, laser, or optical sensors. Each of these has their unique advantages. A laser mouse is great because it can work on nearly every surface. However, when you lift the mouse to reposition it often continues reading movements, which can lead to some costly mistakes in the game. This action is known as the lift-off distance.

The small errors created by a laser mouse aren’t usually a big problem in strategy and RPG’s, but can make a big difference in FPS games where your mouse is controlling the aim of your gun. For this reason, most FPS players tend to use an optical mouse with a high-quality mouse pad.

The infrared sensor combines advantages of both sensor types. It can work on a variety of sources, and it reduces the lift-off distance.

The Ideal Gaming Keyboard

The next critical gaming accessory is the keyboard. There are some games out there that ignore the mouse altogether. Having a quality gaming keyboard means you’re prepared to play any game that might come your way. There are several different features to look for when shopping.

Anti-ghosting refers to the keyboard’s ability to handle multiple simultaneous keystrokes without ignoring any button presses. A traditional keyboard might only handle between one and three keystrokes at a time or in rapid succession. A gaming keyboard with anti-ghosting capabilities can handle at least five, but usually more.

The polling rate of a keyboard is essential for much of the same reasons. It is how often the console reports your strokes to the computer. An average keyboard says around 125 times a second or 125Hz. A gaming keyboard should report at least 500 times a second, but 1000Hz is even better.

Staying Alive And Winning More

Both, anti-ghosting and high polling rates translate into better movements in-game. A sensitive mouse with multiple buttons means you can do what you need to do without reaching over to the keyboard. Both of these are necessary if you want to start winning in those online arenas.